Dreaming away behind my desk I knew that I wasn’t living the life I was born for.. So I burst out of my comfort zone, sold the car and took off. Years before, living in an ashram in India I felt one day my path would lead me to a Yoga teacher training, to deepen my love for the Yoga philosophy. I believed that Yoga would lead me to my path. Yoga is more than a way to work-out for me. It’s a way to connect, to love, to honor and to find the foundation and stability to open up my heart to all the beauty in life. But India wasn’t home.. I was drawn to Bali.
So the plane dropped me of at the Island of gods, Bali. Gosh, what a journey I was about to experience! After finishing my Yoga teacher training, I was called to teach Yoga at the meditation temple of Hindu Priestess Nik Starr in Ubud which led me to a Balinese ceremonie with High Priest Manku Made. This is where I had my first vision of designing colorful printed Yoga mats, with deeply rooted spiritual designs to give the foundation to connect even more. And so OHMat was born.
Every piece is hand drawn by myself, before I turn it into a graphic design. These designs aim to infuse our sacred time and space with colorful and vibrant reflections of our true nature. The material is consciously chosen to be organic and sustainable to respect our mother Earth. Strongly I believe this is not just a product, but a grateful creation of loving energies.
I hope these yoga mats bring people the same inspiration in their practice, as they bring me.
Dance to the drum of your heart, wherever it leads you.
Loving devotion Debbie, founder & artist.